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81% of shoppers start their buying journey by conducting research online. Being seen, and telling the right story matters more and more everyday. The world keeps changing, and so should your business.

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and online stores

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We've got a website to suit everyone. From one-page marketing sites to full blown corporate HQs and all that falls between.
Just know that Ora has you covered.


An all-rounder with a strong focus on getting people to get in touch.


A twist on the driver concept with a stronger focus on information gathering.

Managed Websites

We've got a website to suit everyone. From one-page marketing sites to full blown corporate HQs and all that falls between. just know Ora has you covered.

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A great combination of strong calls to action and information for those who need to collect it.

Luxury Storyteller

A refined version of Storyteller where a focus for more upmarket products is required.

Managed Marketing Pages


Single page site that is designed for people to take action. Simple and to the point.


A great combination of strong calls to action and information for those who need to collect it.

And it's all included.

Responsive Design

If you're looking for extra functionality, we may very well be able to help you out.
We use a flexible platform that allows itself for integration and development.
It pays to invest. For a little extra cost we could get your website to do exactly what you need it to do. Just ask!

Ask us about optional add-ons such as:

Managed Hosting

Managed Website

Managed eCommerce Store

Set-up + Monthly Services (+gst)

12 Month Set-up Costs (once off)




Hosting Monthly Subscription



Ora Monthly Subscription



Optimised for Desktop

Optimised for Mobile

Optimised for Search

Monthly Updates of CMS, CMS Theme & CMS Plugins

SSL Certificate (HTTPS)

Conversions Captured and Fed into Ora software

User Friendly Content Management System

2 hours of Changes p/m*

Call Tracking***

Regular Audits and Resolutions 

Updates to Landing and Conversion Pages to Improve Advertising Quality Score

Free Creative Changes for Seasonal Events*

Annual Review
and Refresh of Website

CMS Training with Our Developers 

Shopping Cart Functionality 

Searchable Product Catalogue

Account Management Support

Automated Stock Level Management

First 20 Products Loaded by Ora to get you Started

eCommerce Payment Integration

* Content changes are available on request.
** Upgradable to 12.

*Call tracking code implementation only, licensing the call tracking number will incur extra costs.
#Available additionally, extra charges may apply.
* Customer must provide all necessary shipping information eg. Cost per each shipping zone and size/weight variable.
Customer may downgrade the website product after the first 12 months of payments. Cancellation of any Website product within the first 12 months will incur a cancellation charge of up to the remainder of the 12-month payment term. Add on pricing is based on annual subscriptions.

Managed eCommerce Websites


A store designed to show a wide range of products and a focus on sales conversions. Simple as that.


Want to show off your products with high quality imagery? This is the option for you.


An eCommerce website built to tell your story whilst also driving sales.

0800 672 123

Email Signup#

Website Search Functionality

Q-Card Gateway

DPS Gateway

Additional Pages

Advanced Shipping

and more!

All of our websites come with Managed Hosting, which includes:

Monthly updates of Content Management System, theme
and plug-ins

SSL certificate allowing secure connections, with regular updates

Personalised domain with free regular renewals

Active issue monitoring with alerts of any issues on the website

Monthly security updates


Can I add more pages to my website?

Yes! Ora can create extra pages for you for a small charge. We also provide full training with one of our developers so that you are enabled with the know-how to update your website and make regular ammendments if you want to. You can also request for additional content and copy in your 2 hours of maintenance per month.

What do I do if something happens to my website?

Ora monitors all of its websites 24/7 and provides multiple backups for each one - this means that you always have the peace of mind when it comes to technical issues - Ora is standing by to help!
We also update our websites monthly to ensure that security and functionality is always up to date.

Can I get email accounts to go along with website?

Yes! Ora will get you going with up to 5 email accounts to match your website domain (and more available on request). The Ora team will help you through any technical aspects to do with your new email accounts. 
Your new email accounts can be accessed via an easy webmail link. If you need help connecting a separate email client (such as Outlook), Ora can steer you in the right direction.

How do I transfer my domain to my new Ora website?

Moving your website from your old hosting provider to Ora usually involves a 'UDAI code' or an 'A-record change'. Ora's excellent Onboarding team can help you in this transition. It helps to know who your current host is and how to get in touch with them.

For more questions on Ora websites - call 0800 548 038

Ora Marketing Software

Payment Options Available:

Add Ons

Additional Pages Added 

Product Catalogue Module

Event Calendar Module

User Login Setup

Additional Products Added

Advanced Shipping Charges*

DPS / Payment Express

Qcard Payment Gateway

Alternative Payment Gateways

Polipay Payment Gateway

Appointment Booking System

Additional Products Bulk Add**

News/Blog Setup

Setup Blog Functionality and Get Your First Blog Published

Bundles of 20 Additional Products Loaded to Your Website

Customise Up To 5 Shipping Zones and 3 Product Variations

Online Credit Card Purchases Using NZ's Leading Provider

Offer Monthly Installment Payment Options With Your Online Store

Talk to us Today About Other Online Payment Options

Allows Your Visitors to Pay Via Internet Banking

Customised, Editable Booking System For Your Business

1,000 Products Added to Website in Bulk and Configured

Get Setup With Custom User Permissions and Exclusive Access

Inform Your Visitors About Upcoming Events

Setup a Product Catalogue With Up To 20 Examples

Add Another Page to Your Website (Includes Copywriting)
















* Customer must provide a pricing breakdown of shipping charges for each product variation (3 size/weight variations) and shipping zone.
** Customer must provide appropriate spreadsheet showing product data - product names, prices, variations, image names (and corresponding image files) and other details. Ora can provide a sample format to guide this process. 






12 Months (once off)



Pay Up Front (+gst)


Ora Monthly Subscription






Ask Us If You Qualify For Our Monthly Payment Options

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